Yoga with SJ 

You’re in the right place if you want to change your perception of stress forever in every area of your life and feel great in the process.

 This is the yoga you’ve been waiting for even if you 'don’t do yoga'.  Strala yoga changed my life from the moment I set foot in New York City to train with the lady herself, Tara Stiles.  My mission is help you discover a new life of more ease which spills off the mat and into your whole life including your relationships with all those around you.

As a former yoga-sceptic, I preferred to slog away in the gym for hours until I made this way of moving and being.

Strala is a Swedish word, meaning 'to radiate light' and radiate you will from the inside out.  Keep this practice up and not only will you move well, sleep better and start to radically take care of yourself you will find a new-found sense of energy, direction and clarity.

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Isn’t life stressful enough from balancing your work, your family and your love life without bringing it onto the mat too? Forget all the Instagram madness of yoga poses and begin to fall in love with the process of moving in every direction you can. The stress being thrown at you won’t change but how you perceive it absolutely will. Our natural state of being is with ease, softness and joy and my mission is for everyone to re-discover this way of being.

Bringing Strala yoga into your life means you are ready to rip up the rules of yoga, wave goodbye to the dogma, the force, the tension and the quest for the pose. What becomes possible for you when you decide to let more softness in? What will you discover from moving in a way that allows you to achieve so much more with way less effort?

Strala yoga will spill into your day to day life and don’t be surprised to hear comments from people in your life about your new-found energy and sass.

This is a radical! You are taking a stand to reclaim your natural state of being in a society that profits from making you work harder and wearing exhaustion and sleep deprivation as a badge of honour.

My super-power is to weave Strala yoga with this powerful life-coaching so you feel aligned, happy and on-purpose.

The journey of our lives has to feel the way we want the destination to feel otherwise the joy is lost and we get to the end not having paid attention, literally missing all the moments that made up our lives.  So commit to get back to the real you, drop the stress and let a little Strala in…


 “Strala is an elegantly simple and sophisticated way to move our breath, our body and our whole self into the state we need, to create who we want to be, the optimal expression of ourselves.

Dr Rudolph Tanzi Chair of Neurology at Harvard & Director of the genetics and ageing research unit at Massachusetts general hospital

Strala is credited by mind-body medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra.