How to design the life you're longing for...

Get busy rediscovering the life you were born for and go live it NOW with these 5 Powerful Tough Love Lessons
It's time ​to slow down, tune in, and find your path.

I’m ready to live the life I was born for and commit to the work!

During each of these 5 transformational experiences, you will:

  1. Learn the exact and evidence-based method I teach to get really clear on what you want and face the lies you’ve been telling yourself that “you’ll get round to it someday” (you won’t) and “you don’t have time” (you do).
  2. Understand how to tame the inner voice that tells you “You’re not enough.”  So you can take back control and stand confidently in the face of your inner gremlin, no more hiding!
  3. Discover my ONE game-changing daily habit and make it a non-negotiable so you physically start to rewire the areas of your brain and body associated with stress and anxiety.
  4. Come face to face with the things you’ve been sweeping under the carpet for all this time. You will stand taller, you’ll find more va-va-voom and wonder how on earth you didn’t do these things sooner.    
  5. Revel in your new-found confidence, energy and boundaries! You’ll know that your big life decisions are in alignment with who you are becoming.

 SJ is a certified coach and yoga guide with an obsession into the neuroscience of what makes us change. Her super-power is helping you to connect your brain AND your body so you truly walk through your life in full alignment with who you are becoming.
Her belief is that every person, no matter who they are is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and she enjoys accompanying her clients as they make their personal transformation.  
She lives in the Cotswolds with her cat Dora and still dances in her kitchen to 90s hip-hop.