Hey! I'm SJ, co-active coach

and yoga guide.

You’re here because you are longing to live a life that feels alive and purposeful. Those big dreams of yours deserve to be born. Working with me means that you can finally stop waiting for ‘the right time’ because you now realise there may never be one.

We partner together for every single coaching session so you feel able to shoot for the moon.  You will feel safe to step into your best self, say no to more so you can say a big YES to the stuff that is going to give your life more meaning and more purpose than you ever thought possible, reclaiming your one precious life.  What’s the personal cost to you of staying small and unseen?

Lets’ go on a journey that you’ll never forget...  


"Coaching with SJ made me realise what was important to ME... How my values and perspective were so important in leading a more fulfilling life that I am proud of"

B Bailey, Cheltenham